Thursday, July 30, 2009


I had it in my mind that I would have lots to discuss in my blog page, but of course once I am ready to get this going...I've hit the perverbial wall.

For those who may not know me, I am a committee junkie. I am the current head of 6 different committees, plus I sit on other committees as a member only. My CV reads something like this:

President, Hamilton Chapter Council, Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario
Chair, Transportation Committee, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
Chair, DARTS, Board of Directors
Chair, Clean City Liaison Committee, City of Hamilton
Chair, Waste Reduction Task Force, City of Hamilton
Chair, Property Standards, City of Hamilton
Member, Winona Men's Club
Member, Rotary Club of Hamilton
Member, Superintendents Advisory Committee, Hamilton Police Services
Member, Government Affairs Committee, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

I am a bit of a job hound, having worked for over 20 different companies so far. It's not that I am a bad's more of a case where I develop unrest for what I am doing and look for the greener grass on the other side. Check these jobs out (they're not in exact order, but pretty close):

Mother's Pizza (first job at 15)
Burger King
Shakee's Pizza
Cashway Building Centres (twice)
The Top Shop
Your Countertop Place (my own company)
The Hamilton Spectator
Brant Windows & Doors
The Hamilton Bulldogs Hockey Club
Dynasty Communications
RIBA Corporations
The Little Green Tree
And other less jobs where I only stayed long enough to realize that what I was doing wasn't what I had expected.

Through these jobs, my skillset definately leans towards sales and marketing/consulting. There's not a lot I can't discuss or hold a conversation about. While I may lack a strong educational background, I have more than made up for this through genuine street smarts.

I hope you stay tuned to this blog. I'll entertain, educate, and just generally add something new to your day.